Getting Started

  • First thing that needs to be done is adding the ES_Get Encryption Key prefab to a scene and click play. This will print a key to use at the top of the ES_Encryption script (the string field called keyString). Now remove the prefab from the scene, as it’s no longer needed
  • Next is to add an ES_Save prefab to each scene you want to use saving and loading. This is necessary in order for Transform and RectTransforming loading data to work
  • ES_Save is the only script you need to use, with the ES_Save.Exists, ExistsWeb, DeleteData, DeleteDataWeb, Save, SaveWeb, Load, LoadWeb, SaveTransform, SaveTransformWeb, SaveRectTransform, SaveRectTransformWeb, LoadTransform, LoadTransformWeb, LoadRectTransform, LoadRectTransformWeb methods for saving
  • Generally you will use the Save/Load/SaveWeb/LoadWeb functions for saving and loading data