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A development team put together to make game development easier for other people.

Here you can find all of the documentation for our newer* assets!

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Quantum UI Icon
Quantum UI

Quantum UI is a menu system designed for flexibility of user needs, with many useful features.

Quantum Attributes Icon
Quantum Attributes

Quantum Attributes is a stats system designed for RPGs. It aids in the creation of different character attributes, such as strength or wisdom. QA also includes an experience level system.

Quantum Inventory Icon
Quantum Inventory

Quantum Inventory is an inventory system designed around flexibility and easy creation of items, crafting recipes, and shops/vendors.

Quantum Dialogue Icon
Quantum Dialogue

Quantum Dialogue is a dialogue system, which allows for conversations with speakers (NPCs or the player), different message texts, and player choices. It uses a node editor to make it easier to create a dialogue tree.

Quantum Travel Icon
Quantum Travel

Quantum Travel is a map system that can make maps, minimaps, and compass bars in a simple way. There are many options to customize the three components as well.

Quantum Quests Icon
Quantum Quests

Quantum Quests is a quest system that can have quests with many tasks in it, with a lot of customization. It uses a node editor to make it easier to create a quest tree.